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Patch for consideration of changes. Not complete, but should be stable.

1. Patch includes :

app_server changes:
:: massive reduction in decorator management responsibilities
:::: should improve stability if anything

:: removal of decorator-related private functions, save two:
:::::: get_decorator & set_decorator, using paths

:: DecorInfo to describe decorators
:: DecorInfoUtility to gain access decorator information


:: modify to use DecorInfoUtility
:: add ability to gain detailed information
:: give more information about decorator in basic list
:: capable of using case-insensitive matching by decor's file name, path, or fancy name
:: provides a (static) preview option, which is functional for ClassicBe with this patch

Added src/add-ons/decorators/ClassicBe/resources.rdef
::Modified build rules and appropriate jamfiles to permit a new build type "Decorator: which includes resources

This isn't an exhaustive list....